I've been increasingly fascinated by the history of our sport. The role that waterfowlers have played in shaping our great nation is astonishing. Waterfowlers have transitioned from being significant food producers in the 19th century—the era of market hunting—to becoming one of the largest groups of conservationists worldwide. If you're a duck hunter, I'd encourage you to pick up a few books and delve into the history of our sport. I assure you, it will make every day spent hunting more meaningful.

This brings us to the bands I'm holding in my hands. Are they trophies? Absolutely, but the reason they're considered trophies is the crucial part. To me, bands represent a shared understanding among all waterfowlers. They are centered on the principle of consistently being the best stewards we can be for the land, the ducks, and the geese. These bands offer a small peek into the rich history and the profound greatness inherent in our sport.

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