Hand turning calls

The beauty of a hand-turned call lies in the delicate details. It is the meticulous attention to these details that sets apart a truly well-crafted call. It demonstrates the genuine care and passion of the call maker towards their craft, the call itself, and the satisfaction of the customer.


Take a moment to examine the edges of the call. Are the lines sharp and precise, yet gently softened from meticulous sanding?

Observe closely for any sanding marks. A high-quality call should be smooth and devoid of any visible lines. If an oil finish is applied, it should provide a silky and smooth feel. Similarly, if the call is coated with glass, it should feel as sleek as it appears.

Pay attention to the fit of the call. It should be snug, but not overly tight, with no air leaks. The tone channel should be straight and crisp, without any unsightly scars from the drilling process.

When inspecting the inside of the call, both the barrel and the exhaust bore should exhibit a smooth, sanded finish that is pleasing to the touch.

These are just a few aspects of a call that warrant scrutiny when assessing its quality.

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