Bobby Hayes Select Calls

Duck Lander Tribe I just finished up the 2023 collection of the Bobby Hayes Select Calls.

This is the second batch of these calls I have turned. These are by far the most fun I have building calls each year. They remind me of how I started as a call maker. Hand turning calls on the wood lathe one at a time. They also remind me of the rich history of waterfowl hunting that I love so much. These calls are purposely crafted to honor the firearms of the waterfowlers that came before us. Those waterfowlers, both the market hunters that fed the country and the conservationists that fought them, are a huge part of the North American Wildlife Model we all benefit from now.

I believe that as waterfowlers we should take the time to celebrate, study, and remember our history. This year's Collection of Select calls feature the Humpback5 and the Sweet 16 to honor the old Belgium made Brownings. These old Brownings are a huge part of our waterfowl history, and they are the guns I was raised around. All of my Uncles shot them and wouldn't trust anything else. We also have the Model 37. When I think of vintage American waterfowl shotguns, one of the first pump actions that come to mind is the Ithaca model 37. I have always appreciated the simplicity of the 37's design and the ruggedness of those old bottom ejecting pumps. We also added to this year's collection with the Model 12. This is another iconic pump shotgun. Maybe even the best ever pump actions to ever be made. Making this call as a whistle seemed to fit, simple, dependable, and a killer.

Now, all the Select calls are built to hunt. They all perform just like our modern-day acrylics and woods. Function is always at the top of the list when I design any call. You can think of these more as vintage art with modern performance. 


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